The operation of our homeowners association is governed by a board of volunteer directors. The Board of Directors is elected by the community to oversee the daily functions and financial responsibilities of the Association. THEY RECEIVE NO COMPENSATION, BEYOND THE GRATITUDE OF THEIR FELLOW HOMEOWNERS, FOR THEIR COUNTLESS HOURS OF SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY.

President                               Ken Rausch               Email:

1st Vice President/Director Denny Jameson         Email:

2nd Vice President/Director Cathy Gildner           Email:

Secretary                                Shelly Chick-Gravel Email:

Treasurer                                Dennis Boyd            Email:

Director                                   Bob LaCob              Email:

Director                                   Tom White               Email: 

Director                                   Tim Webb                Email:

Director                                   Kenny Klise             Email:

Parliamentarian                      Dick Wood               Email:

Phone: (386) 847-8019     Term Ends 01/24

Phone: (386) 402-7170     Term Ends 01/25

Phone: (609) 339-0664      Term Ends 01/24

Phone: (450) 219-2653       Appointed

Phone: (703) 489-6999       Appointed

Phone: (386) 853-1517       Term Ends 01/25

Phone: (689) 203-6143        Term Ends 01/25

Phone: (304) 638-3913        Term Ends 01/25

Phone: (386) 689-3186        Term Ends 01/24

Phone: (603) 289-5811         Appointed

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