Who is FMO?

A membership Organization that protects Manufactured homeowners, who watch over our best interests and lifestyle, by addressing issues directly related to Florida Statue 723 since it’s inception in 1984. F.S. 723 maintains basic rights for you and your park owners, such as: Your prospectus Park owner’s and homeowner’s obligations Rules and regulations; evictions and dispute settlements Lot rental/fee increases Reduction in services/utilities FMO consists of Districts with officers who are volunteers for you behalf. It is these dedicated people who are you voice in Tallahassee, in areas of: Political Director, Lobbyist and Attorney that challenge issues contrary to our collective best interests through voting power by numbers.

What does FMO do for each individual?

Well, what did you do with the $400+ that FMO saved you last/next year? You say “what”? Yes the sales tax they stopped dead in its tracts for lots. Then there’s the tangible tax that was to be imposed, $40 to$100 per year. Well I never knew! Exactly, that’s why they need your support with dues. Look at House Bills 97, 307, & 709; or Senate Bill 168, 500 & 662 just a few. We have advocates diligent working behind the scenes for you and yours. Not to mention addressing the national arena with NMHOA and HUD! FMO is constantly negotiating to help: Rental, Resident Owned and Family Communities/Subdivisions since it started in 1962. Not to mention the Tie Down Program and Florida MH Relocation Corp. Funding, or demanding Insurance Companies provide coverage for you.

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